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Roland Berger, november 2020

The future of urban transport is in the air. And ahead of the industry lies a golden future

USD 90 billion will be earned in about three decades through Urban Air Mobility – the expansion of urban transport systems into the airspace – year on year. It will be a time in which 160,000 electrically powered air taxis will carry people to the airport or over traffic jams to their destinations. Roland Berger has examined the young industry for the second time in two years (the first survey took place in 2018) and summarized the results in the study “Urban Air Mobility – USD 90 billion of potential: How to capture a share of the passenger drone market”.

The key message of the current study is formulated by Senior Partner Manfred Hader: “We estimate that there will be up to 160,000 commercial air taxis in the air by 2050. The UAM passengerindustry will then generate revenues of almost 90 billion USD per year”

Download Document here (2,65MB)

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