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More Electric & Hybrid Aircraft USA Conference 2021

juli 20, 2021 - juli 22, 2021


Pushing electrification of aviation by up-scaling electric airplanes and discussing infrastructural needs

More Electric & Hybrid Aircraft USA will bring together relevant stakeholders to ensure maximum knowledge transfer and professional exchange. During a full three-days-program with lectures and interactive workshops you will meet international experts from OEMs, suppliers, associations, and academia to discuss, hear and learn about their experiences and challenges in the fields of More Electric & Hybrid Aircraft.

Join us to share ideas, problems and solutions relating to technological developments as well as future concepts associated to more electrical & hybrid aircraft!

  • Learn about safe lithium battery installation from regulatory and manufacturing sides to prevent thermal runaway
  • Hear from Tier 1 supplier about power train challenges to improve power distribution and protection issues
  • Discuss how to prepare the world for electric aviation in regards to infrastructure, regulatory needs, public acceptance and more to enable your products flying as soon as possible
  • Explore how far the industry is in up-scaling electric planes to get a time horizon for 20-40-70-150-seater airplanes
  • Develop an ongoing dialogue to regulatory bodies and help them understand, in detail, the barriers you faced during your encounter
  • Join the discussion of crash worthiness and safety aspects of novel technology to prepare for all eventualities
  • Explore the challenges ahead for hybrid-electric and electric regional aircraft to know when it will be commercially