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A gaze at future worlds

september 24, 2020 09:30 - 12:00

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In three digital events throughout the fall, we explore different issues, perspectives and opportunities. We take our departure point in the scenario work conducted in 2019 where we, together with our partners and stakeholders, have carved out what different future worlds might look like and how we can create the best conditions for fossil-free aviation. We also ask the question: How might the different factors playing out in the scenarios be affected by the current situation?

September 24th – A Gaze at Future Worlds

In this episode of our event series we will be addressing the role of aviation in a future where we must focus on sustainable mobility and how future trends of fossil-free aviation might be affected by the pandemic. We also look into FFT2045’s scenario work and delve into what is required of the aviation ecosystem to get us towards our long-term goal of fossil-free aviation.

Panel 1 – the role of aviation in a future where we must focus on sustainable mobility.

We start our episode with broadening our perspectives by taking part in our panel’s various areas of expertise, followed by a panel discussion regarding sustainable mobility.

What does the future model of sustainable mobility look like? Is there equality in how and when we transport ourselves? And what attitudes to change are required? Together with our panel we navigate through the complex issues that, perhaps now more than ever, are on the agenda of a fossil-free aviation.

Panel 2 – External environment scenarios and trends for fossil-free aviation by 2045

Panel discussions on external factors and trends that affect aviation. The conversation focuses on whether and how these are affected by the current situation, in both the short and long term. The factors and trends that the conversation revolves around have previously been developed by the ecosystem’s actors and stakeholders in the future analysis carried out by FFT2045. Parts of the future analysis’s scenario report and vision for 2045 are presented as a basis for the conversation. The panel consists of representatives of various parts of the aviation ecosystem.

Meet our first panelist!

Olof Gränström

Senior Client Advisor at Whispr Group, political scientist and former project manager of Gapminder founded by Hans Rosling. On a mission to get more people to learn about the world we live in. Helps us navigate in a fact-based worldview, what governs our climate decisions: facts or fears?

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september 24, 2020
09:30 - 12:00


Fossil-free Aviation 2045
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