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Electrification Scenarios of Airplanes and Barges in the Netherlands till 2050


The Netherlands have committed themselves to a climate agreement (Klimaatakkoord) in 2019 aiming for greenhouse gas reduction of 49% by 2030 and 95% in 2050. The aviation and maritime sectors were initially omitted in this agreement, while being responsible for respectively 49% and 26% of all transport emissions in the Netherlands, respectively. Nevertheless, the first targets for reducing flight and inland shipping emissions are currently set by the Dutch Green Deal for international and inland the EU Green deal presented in 2019 and the Dutch ‘Draft: Aviation 2020-2050’ published by the ministry of infrastructure in 2020. Electrification of these transport modes is one of the promising solutions to achieve these goals.

Liander aims to monitor electrification developments, like the possible electrification of airplanes and ships to ensure that grid capabilities will not become a bottleneck for advancements that contribute to the Dutch energy transition. Consequently, Liander performs scenario planning and future predictions for the possible market uptake of electric technologies based on these market developments to make informed investment decisions about grid enlargements, because realizing these often take up several years.

Therefore, this report aims to analyse the possible market uptake of electric barges and airplanes, to research the subsequent impact of these electrification developments on electricity demand in the Netherlands till 2050, and to localize the power requirements this will generate.

Utrecht University, course: Energy Science Consultancy Project


Tim Spenkelink, Pieter van Eig, Sven Korpershoek, Keshav Shukla, Sergio Calbetó

Final Report_Liander_Electrification Scenarios of Airplanes and Barges in the Netherlands till 2050

Executive Summary Electrification Scenarios of Airplanes & Barges in the Netherlands till 2050

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