Clean Sky 2 Technology Evaluator

Clean Sky 2 Technology Evaluator

Clean Sky 2 is well on the way to achieving its objectives, the first global assessment of Clean Sky’s technologies via the Technology Evaluator has revealed.

Clean Sky’s impact is measured primarily in terms of environmental benefits (CO2, NOx and Noise reductions) along with its socio-economic impact on the aeronautical sector at large.
The Technology Evaluator collects a number of new aircraft and rotorcraft concepts from each Systems and Platform Demonstrator which include various relevant combinations of advanced technologies developed within the programme, up to the level of key demonstrators. These new aircraft concepts are then evaluated first at mission level (for a typical flight profile relevant for the type of aircraft) and performance is compared to a reference aircraft of state-of-the-art 2014. Many concepts here have achieved and even exceeded their performance improvement targets. The impact of virtually introducing these new concepts gradually into the fleet until 2050 is then evaluated both at airport level and at global level (worldwide air traffic system). The first of two such assessments was completed at the end of 2020, while the next and final assessment is due at the closure of the Clean Sky 2 programme at the end of 2024. The detailed performance results of these new aircraft concepts and their impact at airport and fleet level are unveiled in the full report and summarised in an executive summary.

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Clean Sky 2 Technology Evaluator

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