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Clean Skies for tomorrow: Sustainable Aviation Fuels as a Pathway to Net-Zero Aviation

What is the World Economic Forum doing to help aviation meet net zero goals?

The World Economic Forum’s Clean Skies for Tomorrow coalition recognises that the most immediate action to achieve carbon-neutral flying is the investment in, and rapid scale-up, of sustainable aviation fuel production and use. This foundational report demonstrates the feasibility, scalability and potential cost of different technological pathways for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production. It finds that sufficient sustainable feedstocks are available to meet the projected jet fuel demand for global aviation in 2030. However, to reach the necessary production of SAF required for 2030 decarbonization targets, SAF production costs must be reduced, and this is reliant on innovative regulatory mechanisms and clear demand signals.

This report was developed in collaboration with McKinsey & Company, and based on consultation with members of the coalition from across the aviation fuel value chain.

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